Shown in the rear row from left to right are:  Walter Carney, John Revolotis, Claire Chisholm, Richard Roberts, Uve Zebergs, Linda Oaks, Ronald Lukas, and Mark McDonough.
Shown in the 3rd row from left to right are: Charles Connell, Maureen Griffin, Joan Randall, Warren Bell, John Hurley, Holly Olson, Irene Screjins, and Ernest Nasif.
Shown in the 2nd row from left to right are: Gail MacNamara, Joan Armington, Ines Polis, Valerie Young, Kathy Hourihan, Rosemary Denaro, Elizabeth Gillette, and Judith Walsh.
Shown in the front row from left to right are: Thomas Rakes, Albert Phayland, Daniel Carey, William Grady, James Devaney, George Marcasella, William Seery, and Edward Loacano.