James Michael Curley Photography Collection Expands

In 2015, the Jamaica Plain Historical Society purchased a collection of 956 film negatives that document James Michael Curley during the years 1934-1958. In that time, Curley served as Mayor of Boston, Governor of Massachusetts, and a U.S. Congressman. These images depict Curley on the campaign trail, performing various duties in office, and with important personalities. Also included in this collection are images of Curley’s family and of his wake and funeral.

In the fall of 2017, an unsolicited donation of another 71 additional negatives was sent to the JPHS by William Palumbo, a film student who had purchased them online for a project. He wanted to unite his set with the others.  So now the collection has 1,027 images.

View the Photographs

We are grateful to Shanna Strunk, Rob Cox and the interns at UMASS Amherst Libraries, Danielle Pucci, Tom Blake, Jake Sadow, and the staff at the Boston Public Library, William Palumbo and countless others who helped make this collection available to the public and preserve it for prosperity.