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Thomas G. Plant Shoe Factory and Queen Quality Shoes

A big change in the women’s shoe retail trade of Boston takes place Oct 1 – the agency of the famous Queen Quality Shoes will be controlled by C. F. Hovey & Co., 33 Summer St. This concern took up the Queen Quality Agency, which necessitated the enlargement of the shoe department, only after making an exhaustive study of the Thomas G. Plant Company factory at Jamaica Plain.

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Thomas G. Plant Shoe Factory Operated Nursery

When the Thomas G. Plant Company, the shoe manufacturing concern in Jamaica Plain, announced a few months ago that it was prepared to employ women who had small children and would give the little ones just as good —-even better—-care than they would receive at home while the mother was at work, some folks were skeptical.  The idea of a shoe manufacturing company starting a nursery and kindergarten for the children of its employees was a new one.

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