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Paul Callahan

Growing a thriving business while enjoying a satisfying career and building an impeccable reputation in Jamaica Plain, Paul Callahan never forgot his faith and his responsibilities in living it. Callahan’s Men’s Shops served thousands of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain customers, including several prominent politicians and sports figures, through The Great Depression, the war years and the post-war social upheavals in Boston. 

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Dorothy Meyer Remembers Arboretum Heights

n a 2012 interview, the late Dorothy Meyer recalled some of the highlights of a lifetime in Jamaica Plain: a one-room school, cows grazing in her neighborhood, mayors, governors, cabinet members, presidents, five-star generals, a duke and duchess, a future Pope, a December 7th Pearl Harbor hero, and a German Zeppelin just hours before crashing, were some of those memories of Arboretum Heights and the world at large from the same Lila Road house in Jamaica Plain. 

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Ellen Swallow Richards and the Progressive Women's Reform Movement

In the 1890s American women emerged as a major force for social reform. Millions joined civic organizations and, under the banner of “municipal housekeeping,” extended their roles from domestic duties to concern about their communities and environments. Their contributions were vital in civilizing and improving the horrific conditions created by the industrial revolution and the philosophies of social darwinism and unregulated capitalism. One of the first was Ellen Swallow Richards.

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