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Ellen Swallow Richards and the Progressive Women's Reform Movement

In the 1890s American women emerged as a major force for social reform. Millions joined civic organizations and, under the banner of “municipal housekeeping,” extended their roles from domestic duties to concern about their communities and environments. Their contributions were vital in civilizing and improving the horrific conditions created by the industrial revolution and the philosophies of social darwinism and unregulated capitalism. One of the first was Ellen Swallow Richards.

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Quincy Adams Shaw: Jamaica Plain Art Collectorm

Quincy Adams Shaw was born in the Parkman home in Bowdoin Square in February, 1825. A member of the Harvard Class of 1845, he left the East the next spring “on a tour of curiosity and amusement to the Rocky mountains.” His father, a wealthy Boston merchant, allowed him another trip?the Grand Tour of the last century to Europe and the Near East, written up by his companion, George Curtis. 

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