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Hamlin Garland, One of the Great Literary Pioneers of America

Boston has always been a city that prides itself on its social reform ideals, and Jamaica Plain has played its part as well. But few would think that Jamaica Plain played any part in the militant reform movement in the Midwest one hundred years ago. Yet America's leading writer of the farming frontier, Hamlin Garland, wrote his very first stories from an attic room in JP.

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Samuel Goodrich, Alias Peter Parley

Few residents of the Jamaica Plain district, if any, can recall the author of children’s histories and of schoolbooks upon an infinite variety of subjects, the publisher of magazines and almanacs, the all-round literary gentleman, Samuel Griswold Goodrich, known as "Peter Parley" at the height of his fame, who built the now vacant stone mansion on Montebello Rd. for his own occupancy in 1833.

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